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Grenadier Photographs

Grenadier regimental insignia, a brass grenade with the White Horse of Hanover

Indian Param Vir Chakra (PVC) winners (left to right) - Company Quarter Master Havildar Abdul Hamid (4th Grenadiers), Major Hoshiar Singh (3rd Grenadiers) and Havildar Yogender Singh Yadav (18th Grenadiers)

  King Edward Grenadiers
(Left) British Grenadier Guards from 1889. (Right) King Edward VIII as the Prince of Wales, a Lieutenant with the 1st Grenadier Guards

Royal Canadian Grenadier Badge  Swiss Grenadier
(Left) Royal Canadian Grenadiers Badge. (Right) Model of a Napoleonic Swiss Grenadier Officer

British Grenadier Soldiers
Modern Grenadier Guardsmen. (Left to Right) Guardsman Riot Order from 1969; Platoon Commander from 1978; Sergeant Close Observation Platoon from 1985; Lance Sergeant Brick Commander from 1987